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2d Gateway – Everything You Should Know

This post is going to be the most knowledgeable post regrading 2d gateway because I will going to explain every thing very simply and also tell you which no 2d merchant company tell you.

Introduction about 2d gateway:

As we all know payment gateway means a mediator which works as a bridge between customer and a merchant to make a secure transaction. I am sure you know about it. But what actually is 2d gateway or 2d merchant. In simple words you can say 2d merchant or 2d gateway means without otp payment gateway. Unlike in any Asian country like India, Pakistan or any other Indian country in USA without otp payment gateway is very common. Citizen of USA is not comfortable to give any otp. Not only in USA in European counties without otp merchant is very common. But if you talk about of Which county 2d gateway are the best then its USA only. You can say that I have used various European 2d merchant and that is working fine for me. So my answer will be simple I am not talking about working fine. I am talking about The Best. Don’t worry I will give my points why I am saying this. 

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Actual Different Type of International 2d Gateways

Till now you get to know that there are two types of Payment Gateways are there. One is 2d gateway and second one is 3d gateway. And you also know the difference between them.

The thing which I am going to tell is “UNSAID TRUTH”. No payment gateway company tells this and accept this, but from behind this is actually their work. Same like McDonald’s original business is not selling burger but Assets are their business. So lets go.

There are actually 2 parts in 2d payment gateway which actually comes round last 6-7 years ago. That is Physical 2d Gateway and Another one is Digital 2d Gateway. Earlier there was in difference but due to huge fraudulent activities, to fight and stop those activities this comes. And this remains unsaid truth and very few peoples know about this and talks about this. The reason they don’t talk or tells about this because this is their secret recipe. They don’t want any one to know this. Any one who knows this is earning huge money.

Why ?

Don’t worry I am going to explain everything.

So when I told you about Digital 2d merchant and Physical 2d merchant, I know you thought ‘Whats the deal, I know this’ and I also know that you know simple difference between that, but I will tell you what actually you don’t know. Let me tell the simple difference to my brothers who don’t know about it.

  • What is Digital 2d Gateway- International 2d Gateway which can be apply online is called Digital Payment Gateway
  • What is Physical 2d merchant- International without otp payment gateway which need to open by visiting merchant provider and verify all your docs are comes under physical 2d merchant.

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Now I will talking about the actual working procedure of both type of international 2d payment gateway

  • Working Procedure of Digital 2d Gateway- There are various online 2d merchant providers which provide digital 2d merchant. I am not going to name them but I think you know very well. I am assuming that you are not USA citizen and also not live at USA and want to apply for international payment gateway without otp. In this case you only have one option that you will introduce your self as a US citizen because if you don’t do that you will not get 2d gateway. And when you are applying as an USA citizen you must have some work around by using that you are applying an USA gateway. While applying for digital merchant, merchant provider don’t ask for any verification and approve your account in most of the cases. You get happy that your 2d merchant approved. After approval you start working on that you face two problems on that. One decline ratio is very high and second after some days they put your account your verification. Now as this is not your account you cant verify it and also your work around will not work. Now you can ask why this merchant companies are doing this why don’t they put the entire verification while opening the account. There are two reasons first reason is that all the companies doing the same thing. If any company put the verification earlier then any customer which are not USA citizen and apply for the gateway will not come to their website to apply for the gateway. Now you may ask ‘So whats the Deal. They are anyway going to suspend the account later’. The deal comes into the second point. So the second point is after suspension your entire money is their money. If any charge back comes in your money they ask the proof from the customers and if customers able to proof that the charge is fraudulent then they refund the money else entire money is their money. When will then get that much of huge money by 2-3% merchant charges so no Digital merchant provider want to loose in this work. This is what I simply want to tell you. There are more reasons behind this but I am not going to explain complex scenario. I personally tell the Digital Gateway as Useless Gateway. Any business person who actually want to do business never apply for digital gateway. Because while talking to the merchant consultant its looks attractive because consultant only provide the digital 2d gateway, You don’t have to but the bank account from the consultant because you can open any other digital bank account and also its cheap. But there is a reason its cheap because any one who have tricks can open this type of 2d gateway account. And anyway its not going to work in future. So this money is also waste.
  • Working Procedure of Physical International 2d Gateway- Now I am going to tell you the entire working procedure of physical without otp payment gateway. Unlike the Digital Gateway this gateways are widely used by the US citizens so no one will play games like digital gateways and US citizens who works in this field always go with physical gateway. They go to the Bank opens a bank account and apply for a gateway. They by default get 2d gateway. If you want to know the entire detailed process read this post: How to get your own 2d Gateway .

So If you really want to work using 2d gateway you should arrange Physical 2d gateway. I know its difficult to get Physical gateway without otp. But this is business and without difficulty no business will exist. So you have to manage this difficulty. You have one other option as well. You can contact us. We will help you find the Physical 2d Payment Gateway.

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