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Top 7 best 2d Payment Gateway

So in this post I am going to tell you about the 7 Top 2d Gateway. There are various 2d payment gateways are there both physical payment gateway and digital payment gateway. But I am going to tell you the best 2d Gateway from both of them.

So First thing come to your mind is How we are going to compare which gateway is the best to keep in the list of top 2d merchant. To resolve that issue we though that anybody take 2d gateway to do business. And to do business one should focus on business not on merchant. If owner will stuck on payment gateway all the time how he will do the business. Most of the gateways now a days playing with the business owners to grow their own business. So I will take all the points which impacts the business to find the Best 2d merchant

Points to compare top best 2d gateway
  • Decline Ratio: This is one of the most important thing because many user found that even after the card number is correct and there is sufficient balance in the customers card the card got declined. This is mostly happen with the digital 2d gateway. So we will compare the decline ratio of all the gateways. We want the best 2d gateway with the minimum decline ratio.
  • Charge back Ratio: This is also one of the most important point to take in consideration because many 2d payment gateway companies which are so called considered among the best 2d gateway providers, but they actually are not, and will hold your gateway just for one charge back. How can imagine to run your business if you gateway will sent for verification after a single chargeback. Because in America and European countries charge back is very common thing. And for just single charge back you send the merchant account on hold is not at all tolerated. So this part is also very important for the business owners. We will consider this to find best 2d gateway.
  • Account sent for Verification: This is also a very much problem because it had seen that some companies send your account for verification without any reason. Mostly this will happen with the digital gateway companies. But this thing much hamper your business. Because say you are working and you are going to complete the sale with the client. While going to take the payment you saw that your gateway is on hold and now you lost the sale and some days wasted due to verification. If you can’t able to clear the verification you entire money will be lost. So you cant relay of the 2d merchant which occasionally send the merchant account for verification.
  • Daily Limits: Daily limit is also an very important part to take consider. As most gateway comes with very lower daily limits. And when you bought the gateway and you reached the limit very fast daily then you will lose many sales everyday.

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Now I am going to List all the

Best 2d Gateway list:
  1. Chase Merchant(Orbital): The Top Best 2d payment gateway is chase merchant. The reason for keeping this on top is because it has all the best features which will make this the best 2d payment gateway. You can say it has almost 0% decline ratio. If the card details is correct and it has the balance then it will never get declined. Chase merchant having almost 10% charge back ratio. Now you don’t have to worry about the chargeback anymore. You can completely focus on your work. Now coming to the third point. As it is complete physical offline gateway. All the information’s are physically verified so there is no issue like account send for verification. Although the daily limit is low initially when you get the gateway. But if you keep your credit history good eventually you will get the sweet high limit reward very soon.
  2. Bank of America Merchant Services: The second name comes in the list is Bank of America Merchant services. We faced much problem while comparing the 1st and the second gateway to chose which is the best 2d gateway. As most of the features of Bank of America like decline ratio, account verification is almost like Chase. But its almost same not exactly the same. When we did the deep research we found that Chase merchant is slightly ahead of Bank of America in each aspects that’s we we ranked Chase merchant ahead of BOA in Best 2d Gateway rank.
  3. Wells Fargo Merchant Services: The third in the rank comes is Wells Fargo merchant service. It having a success rate of 99% so you can say 1% decline ratio. It is also Physical Gateway so no issue for account send for verification. It also having same daily limits like this chase. Daily limit is almost same like Chase and BOA. The only place where Wells Fargo went behind Chase is Charge Back Ratio. Its having a chargeback ratio of 8% which is way behind then Chase. So Wells Fargo comes 3rd in the Top 2d payment gateway list.
  4. Citi Merchant Services: The fourth in the list is City Bank Merchant Services. From here onwards you will find huge difference in the comparison. Because top 3 2d merchant was really the best and you cant differentiate with them. Lets check it out. In city merchant services you will find that there is almost 95-96% of success rate so almost 4-5% decline ratio. It having a charge back ratio of 6% and its huge difference with Chase merchant. It having no issue with account send for verification and daily limits. But the first two points are very important where it is going behind the top 2d payment gateway.
  5. TD Bank Merchant Service: Now its time for the fifth position in the best 2d merchant and its TD Bank Merchant Service. Lets find out why? When you compare TD Bank Merchant with Citi Merchant you will find no difference in between them. They are almost same in all aspects you can’t compare them number 4 and number 5. They are same in decline ratio, chargeback ratio, account send for verification or daily limit. But there is one difference which we found is user interface. Citi Banks user interface is much better than TD banks user interface. So that’s why we list TD bank as fifth in the rank top 2d merchant list.
  6. Now we are coming to the End its time for the sixth position. Out of this Top 6 there is one major difference in the Authorise Vs all. Do you know what? Let me tell you the difference was all other was the Physical as well as first party only the Authorise was the Digital as well as third party. And this is the only one in the top 7 list which comes sixth. Lets talk about the features. Is also have the same feature like Citi and TD Bank even its User Interface is better than the both but the difference comes in Account send for verification. As it is digital gateway you face this problem any time which will hamper your business. Thats the reason we keep this as sixth in the Best 2d payment gateway list.
  7. State Street Bank: Although State Street Bank Merchant is not that much good but it will surely surprise that its way better than Stripe, Squareup and any other digital gateway. Its having a success rate of almost 92% so decline ratio is 8%. Charge Back ratio is 5%. Its physical so all verification will done still we found some complaints that they send account for verification but its rare. Its daily limit is low as well its increase very slowly.

So this is our Top 7

 Best 2d Payment Gateway

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