How to get 2d payment gateway?

Now a days you cant imagine a business without online presence. If you don’t have online presence eventually you will die in future. So you must need online presence. But for online presence online must need a website and in website you must need a payment gateway to accept the payment from your customers. Because without the acceptance of what your website is just a dummy content. Because you cant earn any money. Just like payment gateway in Pakistan and India you need a normal or 3d payment gateway in USA or European Country you need a 2d payment gateway. Because by 3d payment gateway you cant work in those country. To know what is 2d payment gateway ? You can read the earlier link content. So lets start.

Make 2d payment gateway

It has become mandatory for any online merchant to get a 2D payment gateway to run the business. Because that is the only way customer can be retained in a certain online website. So it becomes very important for a particular merchant to understand how to get 2D payment gateway or how to make 2D payment gateway linked to the online orders. As 2D payment gateway is a no otp gateway, it becomes very easy to do the payments and requires very les amount of time. When we say about gateway without otp, it might sound unsecured but most of US, UK and European online stands on 2D payment gateway only. But there are lakhs of merchants who are successfully running their business in a 2D payment gateway or a gateway without otp. Let us try to understand how to get 2D payment gateway.

How to get 2D payment gateway:

As 2D payment gateway is a no otp gateway, there are number of service providers who can integrate this payment very easily to the merchants website. Let us understand the things required to do so.

  1. Merchant website: An online web portal is a mandatory requirement for receiving the orders online and confirm the order by receiving payments online. This receipt of online payment is driven by 2d merchant and all these facilities cannot be brought in action until a website is designed. The website must be free from external advertisement and must be https secured for processing the payment. Apart from website payments are also processed in apps if the merchant has that.
  2. Firm: You need a firm it may be Propertership or LLC. This First requirement is you need to register an US LLC. LLC stands for Limited Liability Partnership. This is the basic requirement.
  3. Certificate of Incorporation: Merchant needs to get a certificate of incorporation from government entities who provides it. In some cases, this certification is provided by the payment gateway service provider company itself. The certification is provided only after proper judgement of website by the merchant. Although this requires a lot of requirement or government standards that the company must follow in order to process online payments.
  4. EIN number: EIN number means Employers Identification Number. This number is required to apply for the gateway so that a company can verify all the Details of the LLC.
  5. Certificate of Incumbency: This document generally refers to a file that should contain the names of all company current directors, managers and other board members. This certificate is also issued by a government corporation or in some cases Incumbency certificate providing agency does that on behalf of government. The agency is authorized by the government to provide the same certificate. The document is important for merchant because all the directors, managers and board members have the right to process the payments, that’s why knowing those persons are very important. The document has the secretary’s name along with his position in the company and his signature. It should also include directors list along with creation date and signature of the secretary at the end of the certificate. In some countries this certificate is named as certificate of officers or secretary certificate or register of director. As the document is a official document, the document is created in a notary stamp paper with official seal on it.
  6. SSN number of directors: You must need SSN number of all the directors. It means you must be a US citizen to apply for 2d gateway.
  7. Copies of valid passports with bearer’s signature: This is basically the passports of company main board members that needs to be submitted to payment gateway service provider company. This passports are submitted along with certificate of incumbency but it must be ensured that signature of the passport holder must be clearly visible in it and it should match with the signature in certificate of incumbency.
  8. Merchant Application: A fully filled application must be submitted along with all these documents. This is for the PSP to understand the organizational structure of the company and to analyze the turnover and geo-reference. PSP to validate all these data before providing the payment service.
  9. Bank Account: This is must for physical gateways but for digital gateways you can apply without the bank account.

Get to know about the best 2d payment gateway. Lets continue how to get 2d payment gateway.

Work through on how to get 2d payment gateway:

Merchants Pre-work before getting gateway: Although getting a 2D payment gateway is not easy but there are some work that a merchant should ensure about service provider.

  1. Payment gateway service provider company should have high customer retention ratio.
  2. Charges that service providers levy on transactions or annual maintenance charges etc.
  3. Time required to process the payment and credit the amount to Merchant’s account.
  4. How frequent service provider upgrades their server with latest technology.
  5. How much time service provider takes to resolve any issues?
  6. Check the strength of security encryptions of service provider and of there were any hacks ever.
  7. If the service provider is able to make 2D payment gateway for international payments.

Merchants responsibility: After getting the payment service linked to orders, Merchants work does not stop and there are certain number of things that Merchant should ensure.

  1. Merchant should upgrade privacy policies regularly.
  2. He should have a Terms and conditions page that must align to the government latest standards.
  3. Company’s name as registered must be included in the footer of website.
  4. A contact us button must be there where any customer can call for resolving issues.
  5. There must be a refund policy that should be aligned to government standards detailed in a section of the website.
  6. If the Merchant wants to accept payment from VISA and mastercard as well, policies aligning to them must be outlined in the website.

Conclusion: Although It is not easy to get a no otp gateway linked to merchants account but there are certain things that must be known when it is about 2D international payment gateway for ngo. NGO does not pay or pay a very little amount to the payment gateway service provider. So there may be compromise with the security, and a Ngo donator must ensure proper security of the website and must be very careful while donating. There are very less number of NGOs who spends a money in maintaining their website. So, this must be taken care. Even for buying online from any merchants website a customer must ensure that 2D payment gateway is able to securely make the payment without any leakage of financial information. A merchant also must ensure proper security and watch on the services provided by payment gateway service provider so that customers also can trust the Merchant. Hope you like to know How to apply for 2d gateway and get the entire process to apply for 2d gateway. Hope you like the Content How to get 2d gateway and by using our tips you can make your own 2d gateway. If you need any more help you can contact our customer support number.

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